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Engineering company and Electronics Wholesaler

CONNECTOR is a company with a long history in Engineering and Electronic wholesales. Started in 1924 in Amsterdam as a fully licensed Engineering company,
it developed into a wholesaler of advanced electronics and built a network of over 900 clients in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

In the early days of radio, CONNECTOR Engineering built “Receiver sets” under license from PHILIPS and established a reputation importing and distributing products from companies like BASF, ZEHNDER, GUZZI, SANYO, METZ and SILVER. The successes achieved, changed the company focus, from engineering to distribution resulting in secured representation rights of several global manufacturers.

Its long history and excellent reputation as a supplier, has positioned CONNECTOR as an ideal partner in the West European market, for manufacturers of products for the Electronic Industry, electronic- and hand tools, technical products, chemical products and sprays and numerous additional products, that may be introduced to its vast network of retailers and Industry.

CONNECTOR still maintains its European License as an Engineering Company.
From it’s modern storage and distribution center in Haarlem, 10 minutes from
Schiphol Airport, CONNECTOR is at the pinnacle of a vast European market.
CONNECTOR is fully licensed in the European market, to import, store and
distribute chemicals and chemical products. 

CONNECTOR offers a unique range of products that is RoHs conformable in all respects. CRC / Kontakt Chemie, with its worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of professional technical sprays. To complement this range, CONNECTOR supplies an array of SafeClean cleaning and protection agents that are specifically suitable for TFT, LCD and plasma screens. In addition, the company also hold the secured right of sale in the Netherlands for Profitec consumer electronics, Antex soldering systems, Kübler antenna amplifiers and Picquic multiple-bit screwdrivers & bits
(for Europe) 

In addition to the above, the CONNECTOR assortment also includes the following leading brands: Neutrik audio connectors, HSGM Engel soldering and heat-cutting equipment, enclosures by Retex, BIM and Schyller, Kaiser plugs, sockets & connectors, Procar automotive plugs, sockets, & connectors, Bugari pliers and LAC fuses.

Numerous innovative products, tools and parts, electronics and chemicals may be added to our cataloque and through our Haarlem distribution center introduced to our existing network of retailer and beyond.
CONNECTOR 2011, is faced with a significant expansion potential.